What We Do

How are customised keychains made?

Most of our customised logo keychains are made using a die that is struck into bronze or zinc alloy. Using a high-pressure die, they are struck into a high-quality metal plate. This creates areas that are both raised and recessed. After plating, the raised areas are hand polished to give it a smooth, reflective finish.

Who are our clients? Are we trustworthy?

We provides a wide range of souvenirs and promotional items for different markets around the world, particularly for theme parks, zoos and museums. We believe in total integrity and the copyright of client’s design are utmost important in business. This is why we do not put another company’s logo on our website to promote our service as to respect their intellectual property rights. But feel free to contact one of our friendly staff for company testimonial.

How long is the production lead time?

It varies from the complexity of each project. For keyring, it takes between 14 - 21 days for sampling, then another 30 - 50 days to complete the goods. Please ask for lead time when e-mailing your quotes.